RonHi, I’m Ron. Thanks for visiting my web site.

I’ve spent more than 25 years doing two things: (1) help organizations select, implement, and manage technology that makes them better; and (2) mentor the technical staff charged with maintaining and supporting it.

During that time I have had the fortune to been involved in a number of significant projects: the Navy’s conversion to computerized messaging, the curriculum redesign for their information technology specialist school, many research and teaching facility redesigns (including one LEED certified building), enterprise application implementations, and a new datacenter – just to name a few.

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It’s great when I find a device or piece of software that makes my life easier, simpler. The same goes for business, technology can be a real game changer. The key is finding the right technology (tool) that helps your organization meet its strategic goals.

If you could use some help with a technology project, or would like to meet with an experienced adviser, please contact me.

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